Millions of photos are taken every day across the world. Some are just snapshots. Others are more carefully crafted and have the capacity to deepen our vision and sharpen our sense of what life is truly about. Spirituality in Photography explores how photography can offer unique perspectives on the self, the world and what we live by. Readers are invited to take photos more slowly, reframe their gaze, allow themselves to be fully present, and let their photos tell a story - this includes a section on how photography can offer new perspectives on the Bible. The book also explores how photography can help readers meditate on mystery and tune into their own ‘rule of life’. Spirituality in Photography offers a range of ideas for readers to try out with their camera or camera phone and invites them on a journey of discovery, as they allow their photography and their spirituality to inspire each other.


‘This is a refreshing, creative, and penetrating set of reflections. Richter moves seamlessly between photography and spirituality, helping the reader “reframe” life both literally and metaphorically. It is a deceptively simple book, in which technical knowledge is made accessible and spiritual life made to seem more possible, but never simplistic. I warmly recommend it to any reader willing to become more attentive to what surrounds us – and what lies within us.’

Vernon White, Canon Theologian, Westminster Abbey, and Visiting Professor of Theology, King’s College, London



‘They say a picture “speaks 1,000 words”! As someone who has researched visual communications, and enjoys sharing pictures via Instagram and other social media platforms, I enjoyed this gentle book. The book offers some tech tips, but is more concerned with the notion of using photography – through whatever camera or phone – to “see” and experience God in different ways. There are various thought prompts, themes for reflection, and activities that should encourage and challenge a wide audience to engage spiritually in something that is now an everyday activity in a digital age.’ 

Bex Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University, and author of Raising Children in a Digital Age



‘Rather than skim, scan, tweet, and snap our lives, Philip Richter invites all of us to slow down, to savour, and to see with fresh eyes. In this delightfully accessible text, each chapter focuses on one aspect of photography, with simple practical tools and a path to spiritual discovery. Curiosity about how we frame or reframe images, how camera phones work, and how light and perspective relate to proportionality leads us in and beyond photography and deeper into our lives and world. Philip Richter gently guides and accompanies the reader in understanding the lenses of truth telling and telling stories.

He illumines the importance of knowing the rules, breaking the rules and creating a rule of life in ordinary and every day lives.’

Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Director, Community Engaged Learning, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California



‘A book to help you use your phone to see, think, pray – and do. As someone who often feels disabled by photographic experts, I found it very enabling.’

David Holgate, Canon for Theology and Mission, Manchester Cathedral



'Being aware of how we choose to notice what is around us, and developing our consciousness of that, is so important for a healthy and self-aware spirituality. This is a great little workbook to help you think about how we don't just do photography, but also our life, through various 'lenses'. It would make a great summer, sabbatical or Lent project, and would be a brilliant gift for any teenager or adult with a camera or camera phone and an inquiring mind.'

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, Area Dean of Durham, and author of The Prayer Experiment Notebook



‘In an age where more people seem to take cameras – in the form of mobile phones – than Bibles to church, Philip Richter gives us permission to integrate these otherwise distracting devices into our spiritual lives. He expands on Dorthea Lange’s insight that “the camera is an instrument to see without a camera” by inviting us to consider photography as a spiritual practice that will teach us to see God and our neighbours – indeed ourselves – in new and authentic ways.’

Roman Williams, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Calvin College and Executive Officer, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion



‘As a Christian, I believe more and more that everything is spiritual and we can see the divine wherever we look. In Spirituality in Photography, Phillip Richter shows us the wonder and beauty of the divine in all things, and how by looking at the world around us and capturing it in photography, we can catch a glimmer of the true beauty and majesty of God.’ 

James Prescott, author of Mosaic Of Grace: God's Beautiful Reshaping Of Our Broken Lives



‘Philip Richter offers the reader and inner artist insights into photography techniques and terminology that will be useful for developing your camera skills and your spiritual development, regardless of the kind of photographer that you might be, or even the type of camera you might have. The book leaves ample space for you, the reader, and raises questions for you to explore on your own journey with photography and spirituality.’

Rev Andy Longe, Methodist minister, photographer and blogger,



‘Philip Richter has wisely seen the connection between what has traditionally been called “a rule of life” and the art of taking photographs. This relationship between traditional Christian Spirituality and a contemporary art form is most imaginative. His insights can be of assistance to the amateur photographer and the personal quest for meaning in the contemporary environment.’

Brother Patrick Moore, Scholar in Residence, Sarum College, Salisbury